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Round Rock Honey

16oz Custom Honey Bottle

The Challenge

Round Rock Honey reached out to Aquarius Packaging for a need to update their existing bottle. Founded in 2003, Round Rock Honey produces some of the finest raw honey to be found anywhere in Texas. As a premium product they were Best of Dallas - 2008 and Best Honey - 2012. Multiple winners of Good Food Awards use Round Rock Honey in their recipes. The packaging and bottle shape of their product is unique and recognizable. The challenge we faced was to create the same style and similar shape of the existing bottle but to add more of a customized look. We also needed to achieve this while keeping all of the critical dimensions of the bottle relatively the same.

Round Rock Honey Bottle_02.tif
Round Rock Honey Drawing_01.png
Round Rock Honey Drawing_02.tif
Honey jar.tif

The Solution

A few different new bottle design options were created for Round Rock Honey to look at as a starting point. We ultimately decided to create this custom new bottle by incorporating some honeycomb engraving located vertically along the sides of the bottle. We also added 6 more grams to the bottle weight to provide an even better feel and overall look of the bottle. Round Rock Honey can be found at many local grocery stores as well as larger retailers including Walmart, Kroger and H.E.B. 

Good Pickle Juice

4.8oz Custom Juice Bottle

The Challenge

Good Pickle Juice was a new company that was established in 2018 and needed a bottle for their first new product, pickle juice. We had a blank canvas in regards to bottle shape and design, just as long as we could create a design that would resemble a pickle in some aspect. The challenge was to meet the customers’ requirements of the pickle look but still be able to produce a sleek, sturdy and sporty shaped bottle. The product (pickle juice) has gained popularity among cyclist and athletes as it can cure muscle cramps on the spot. So maintaining a sporty looking bottle was important. We also needed this bottle to be small so it could easily fit in a lot of places. Another challenge we faced was the customer required the neck of this bottle to be able to use two different 38mm sized caps as an option. 

The Solution

We produce a 4.8oz custom shaped bottle that worked with the customers shrink sleeved label and logo to create a great looking product that met all of the customers’ requirements. We also had the mold engineered in a way that allowed us to add a modification within the neck of the mold to allow the customer to switch necks from a 38-400sp neck to a 38mm Bericap neck at a later date.

Good Pickle Juice drawings_final.jpg

Dempsey International Packaging

32oz Boston Round Bottle

The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the demand for hand sanitizer’s bottles has skyrocketed. Dempsey International Packaging was already producing this 32oz Boston Round bottle. They reached out to us in need of a quick solution for this growing demand. We also needed to produce custom tooling for the bottle. The most important challenge here was time.

The Solution

We were able to take their existing drawings and re-produce the 32oz Boston Round Bottle drawings on our end for approval within 2 days. We then were able to have molds and tooling produce within 4 weeks. We had multiple mold sets made for this bottle to be capable of running on many lines. We were able to start production of product within a few days of completing the molds and tooling. The total timeframe was less than 6 weeks from drawing approval to producing actual product for the customers growing demand.

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